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Our teachers specialize in providing a warm, nurturing environment for all infants that will help transition them into toddler-hood. Some of the activities include: tummy time, arts and crafts, singing, reading, sensory and motor skills and language development.


Themed lesson plans help incorporate art, science, music, math, and language development in the classroom. Basic concepts involving shapes, colors, numbers, and letters are introduced at this level. It is our goal to send our toddlers to preschool with a foundation for learning.


Our curriculum uses creative themes, hands-on activities, and music to teach young children while our structured environment helps children gain confidence in areas such as phonics, reading and basic math. 


We strive to develop the children's imaginations, reasoning skills, and self-confidence by emphasizing creative problem solving. It is our goal to use these concepts as a foundation to prepare your children for kindergarten.

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